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Technical Support

All the help and support you need to use ERank Booster.


ERank Booster Technical Support

Please e-mail us at or use our feedback form. We understand are all languages.

Bug reports

If you have problems running our software or your ERank Booster app works differently than the original one,
please make sure you are using the latest software version. If your problem repeats, please contact us via e-mail or
via feedback form. Please include the full description of your problem - provide as much information as possible:
ERank Booster version, operating system(s), sequence of our actions to reproduce the error, etc.


ERank Booster is available in two editions: Freeware, Professional. The Freeware edition does not need registering and is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The Professional editions have a trial period during which they can only be used for evaluation purposes. After this trial period, you must register the product or stop using it altogether.

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