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Important SEO Tips to be aware of them!

The online world is filled with companies that will try to determine you to buy SEO services from them. Sadly, some of these companies are only interested in making a quick buck, so they will not treat your website with the respect and the care that it deserves.
The recipe for disaster is simple: you purchase a “backlinks packet”, “SEO package” or a similar service, usually paying a small amount of money for it, and then you wait for a few weeks or months, hoping to see a significant rank improvement for the keywords that interest you.
And believe it or not, these services used to work quite well until 2010, when Google has gotten so much smarter. The sad news is that these links are permanent and their negative effect can haunt your website for many years.
And I’ve got hard evidence to back this: the recent Google Penguin update has penalized many websites that bought some of these shady SEO packages in the past, even though the business owners stopped purchasing those types of backlinks packets many years ago.
Try to avoid using people that have contacted you using a Gmail, Yahoo, etc email address – you want to work with a company that does SEO for a living, having an established SEO business and a decent looking website.
Ask the internet marketing company to show you some of the sites that they have worked on, so that you can see if they know how to do their job or not. No SEO company in the world will disclose its full list of clients, but any company should be able to give you at least a few examples of clients and their current rankings.
On a side note, if you consider working with us, check out the testimonials at the right side of this page – all of them come from our happy clients. And if you like to see the good results that we have got, check out the home page of this website or type in “game studio” in Google; our client Conitec GmbH has got the #1 and #2 spots on the first Google page, beating Wikipedia and Microsoft.

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Our proven techniques and visible results make us the preferred SEO partner for our clients with over 95% of them continuing with us through our Ongoing Search Engine Optimization Services or new SEO Marketing assignments. We are so confident of ranking your site higher that we offer moneyback guarantee of our Search Engine Optimization Services.
Beginning with the free analysis of your website to choosing most appropriate keywords and competitive analysis to obtaining and maintaining higher ranking for your website, we are committed to maximize your ROI from our Professional SEO Services.

Why do you need SEO Services?
Search Engines are the number one source of traffic to your website with more than 85% of web users employing search engines to find web sites. Around 90% of them don’t go beyond 3 pages of the search results, with majority of them visiting websites listed on the first page. If your website is not listed in top 10 for major search engines, you are losing to your competition every moment. Through past data it is proven that search engine marketing if implemented, results in increase in revenue and its ROI is unmatched by any other marketing strategy.

Our entire process relies on research, experience, and an understanding of how search engines work to provide their users with the best results for what they are searching for. We don’t use tricks, or other “black hat’ techniques that may bring you quick results, but usually result in harsh punishments (including sometimes being permanently removed from search engines). Our process is simple, and follows all the steps that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines recommend for improved rankings.

Keyword Research Can Increase Your Site's Inbound Traffic

Learn how to get ready for SEO!
First, let’s do a little recap of keyword research best practices. Remember, though general keywords can be helpful, using targeted – or, highly specific – keywords for your SEO campaign will help you attract potential customers who are ready to buy. Why is this? Because people who are looking to purchase products or services are likely to use more specific terms when searching online. So, when you are doing your keyword research, try to focus on more targeted keywords if you can. Also, when you’re dealing with extremely competitive keywords, try to limit the keyword phrases you use to only two per page (at most). You may even want to create two separate pages for two competitive keywords so that you are trying to rank one page for one competitive keyword. Don’t over-do it, and as always – make sure the keywords you use are relevant to the page they are on.
Your next question may be, “Where should I include my targeted keywords to best optimize my site and increase inbound traffic?” Well, first it is very important to use your keywords in your page title and title tag, which are at the very top of the page and are the very first things that Google sees when crawling your site. Further, you should put the keyword for which you want the page to rank at the very front of the title tag. Additionally, in your site’s meta-description (this is located under the title tag in the Google SERPs), use your top keywords at least once. In the code of your site, your header tags – these are your h1 and h2 tags –use your keywords and make sure they are relevant to the copy on your page.
Now, let’s discuss how to increase your site’s traffic by using keywords on your actual site pages. Try to use your targeted keywords in the first 200 characters on your page. Also, make sure you bold the keywords so that Google can more easily see them. If you have studied the Google crawling and indexing process, you may know that Google does not actually see images. This provides a great opportunity to include more keywords on the page, as you can name your images with your keywords in the Alt. text of the graphics.
How does all this improve your site traffic? These keyword best practices will help your site climb the search engine rankings, which will in turn make your website more visible to those looking for your products and services.

Keyword position in search engine optimization

Successful internet marketing begins with keyword research. You shouldn’t even build your website before you know which keywords you will be targeting. Unfortunately, most website owners have it backwards; they build their websites and then throw a bit of SEO after the project as an afterthought.
ERank Booster Backlink Builder is an ethical Search Engine Optimization Tool that builds professional search engine marketing strategies for long-term keyword placement on major search engines. Our search engine marketing strategies offer your company a logical solution for exposure to the Internet public through intense research and development to assure any company success within search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Through years of experience of keyword optimization we have obtained long-term search engine placement for keyword(s) and keyword phrases that have pushed many companies to the top by utilizing our search engine optimization services for their long-term goals.
By offering ethical search engine optimization services through our internet marketing strategies will give your company a stronghold for long term search engine rankings that matter. We will also educate you or your staff on our exact process for educational purposes building your knowledge base of our SEO services as a whole. What makes our SEO Company different is we start from the ground up by analyzing your website assuring that it is search engine friendly and can be crawled properly for information exposure. We work within an extensive keyword research process to assure that all variables for our keyword optimization process is followed for multiple keyword(s) and keyword phrases for maximum exposure on the world wide web. We will build from scratch content within your existing website(s) as well as content pages for optimal visibility. Top notch reciprocal link generation for popularity building and many other search engine optimization services. Other marketing strategies include pay per click advertising and bid management for advertisement of your products and services, search engine optimization consulting by our experts and so much more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

ERank Booster can assist businesses in search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that are designed to improve website indexing in search engines to increase website traffic and conversion. Our search engine optimisation experts can improve and maintain high performance results.

Objectives & Situation Analysis

Our SEO campaigns begin by assessing your current Google presence, and understanding what you would like it to be. Our SEO experts analyse the structural quality of your website, and see whether it is already being shown by Google.

Keyword Analysis

ERank Booster team of optimisation experts ensure that the keywords you’re ranking for are the keywords that are going to bring relevant traffic to your website and are directly related to your services. Unlike other SEO companies, our aim is not just to get you a large number of visitors, but to get what customers are searching for. We make sure that all keywords used are assigned to be linked to the most relevant landing page on your website, to ensure that customers go directly to the page they are looking for.

Implementation & Reporting

ERank Booster helps you identify and review your growth with month to month reports generated from system. Regular reports can help you identify the actual number of visitors of visitors, and the source of visits.


Leave your Competition in the Dust with Professional SEO Services!

For the past 11 years. has been helping companies acquire more search engine traffic and convert those visitors into sales or leads. Over this time the search engine landscape has changed, the algorithms go through constant adjustments, and social media has become an important driver of traffic and search engine ranking signal. ERank Booster continues to evolve with these changes so that our clients are always getting the most up to date SEO strategies.

What is SEO?

Definition - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process editing website code and content for the purpose of building authority and relevancy for keywords for the purpose of increasing the amount of organic search engine traffic to your website. This generally refers to traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.

With a well conceived SEO strategy and proper integration of that strategy the targeted keywords will gradually climb towards the top of the search engine queries until eventually they become a reliable source of traffic and conversions for your website.

Why do companies need Professional SEO Services?

Search engine optimization algorithms and best practices are constantly changing and it is nearly impossible for companies and even agencies to keep up and adapt to these changes unless SEO is your core business. ERank Booster. is dedicated to the science and art of SEO and ERank Booster. to be an extension of your marketing or web development department allows you to focus on your business and your industry while leaving the search engine optimization to SEO experts. Our company is among the most experienced in our industry; when you hire us you know you are working with the best in search engine optimization.

SEO Services Customized to Your Needs

At ERank Booster. we structure our client engagements based on your needs as a company. We offer two basic models: 1) For companies that need a custom SEO strategy to be implemented with our own technical staff and, 2) SEO consulting is for companies that have their own in house technical resources that can implement the SEO best practices and custom SEO strategy that our team creates for your company. No matter what your needs are, all ERank Booster clients receive customized SEO strategy ensuring that all of the key search engine ranking criteria are optimized to the fullest extent possible.

SEO Audit & Competitive Analysis

Search engine optimization is a complicated and constantly evolving process. Our professional SEO services begin thorough analysis and planning. It is not possible to develop an appropriate SEO strategy unless goals are established and problems are identified first. We start all SEO engagements with a thorough SEO audit which includes an analysis of your website, market research, and analysis of your competitors. Our SEO consultants will review the code, web analytics, and use tools to identify any problems and find new opportunities. At this time your SEO Project Manager will also benchmark existing keyword rankings and review historical organic search traffic.

Keyword Analysis & Strategy

The most underestimated and important component to any successful SEO campaign is the identification and selection of the right keyword phrases. This process goes beyond finding the obvious keywords that can generate traffic. Your SEO project manager will complete a thorough keyword analysis including identifying new opportunities.

Optimization of Website Architecture

First we ensure that your website and pages will be correctly indexed by search engine spiders. After all, if your pages are not found, they certainly won’t get ranked. This includes a thorough analysis using our tools to identify broken links, canonical errors, and other search engine spider roadblocks. In addition we provide guidance about SEO improvements that can be made to your site’s internal linking structure and URL structure that will builds your site’s authority.

Code Optimization

With a keyword strategy in place, we can begin to implement them into your website. For many SEO companies the optimization process ends with the implementation of basic HTML elements such as Meta tags. This is only a part of what e do when optimizing your web pages. Our code optimization includes optimization of Meta tags, headings structure, removal of unnecessary code that slows down page speed, web accessibility attributes, implementation of microdata, and more.

Content Strategy & Optimization

There is saying in SEO that “content is king” and this true to some extent. You cannot expect to rank for keywords that you are not using on the pages of your website. Our SEO services include best practices for on page content which go beyond

Build Link Popularity

Link popularity (off site optimization) is one of the most critical search engine ranking criteria. The search engines measure the popularity of your website by the amount and quality of websites that are linking to your site.  We work with our clients to develop an SEO strategy which stimulates link acquisition organically and supplement those strategies with additional link building services.  

Social Media Integration

One of the most significant changes in SEO over the past decade has been the emergence of social networks. A core strategy to organically stimulate link popularity is creating content and building a presence on the social networks. We work with all of our clients on social media optimization which helps deliver traffic from social networks and also increases search engine rankings.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Most SEO companies focus on a few keywords and attempt to increase rankings on those keywords. We look beyond rankings when creating and SEO strategy. Our initial focus is on targeting keywords but the bigger picture is generating traffic from search engine and converting that traffic into sales or leads.

Why choose ERank Booster?

In an industry where every web developer and advertising agency claims to be an expert in search engine optimization, it is important to work with an experienced company whose core business is getting high rankings. ERank Booster. has been a leading SEO company for over a decade. We have provided search engine optimization services to some of the most highly-trafficked websites and well-known brands on the internet.

SEO Benefits

While there are many reasons to do search engine optimization, the primary objective is usually to increase traffic to your website, and search engines generate more traffic than all other sites on the internet. There are many other benefits that search engine optimization services provide for your website, however:

  • Increase relevant website traffic
  • Traffic from search engines converts at a high percentage
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Good search engine optimization improves website performance
  • Good search engine optimization improves usability


A Final Word on SEO Services

SEO is an ever-evolving process and we have been in the industry since its inception. There is no one more experienced, professional, or goal oriented than ERank Booster. We have helped thousands of companies achieve number 1 rankings through our advanced SEO methodologies. Our goal is to do the same for you.