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ERank Booster 11.1
ERank Booster is a freeware, complete and essential SEO software that enables you to perform cheapest and effective way to website ranking promotion and web position to the success in Search Engine and Alexa. Easily see a quick overview of the SEO operations of any of your websites via Traffic Builder and Backlinks Booster tool. This includes your Alexa traffic rank, the number of pages that you have indexed from your site in Google, Yahoo and Bing; your top 5 pages and lots more. It's magical software can easily sending traffic and real visitors to your website is at least 180 countries and simultaneously optimization 4 keywords in the search engine. If you 're looking for a website url and keywords in a specific language search engine to be introduced, this tool the best possible solution for your purposes...
Alive Checker 1.0
Alive Checker is a free program that very easy to use and allows you to test proxy servers list for finding alive servers and check whether they can work with ERank Booster or not.
This tool is a high speed and accuracy for the checking servers list and uses very small of your internet bandwidth.